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Shrub Trimming in Citrus County, FL

For all of your shrub trimming needs, look no further than the incredible team here at Koon's Pro Lawn Service LLC. We are proud to be the lawn maintenance team that our community trusts for all their shrub trimming needs, and we strive to exceed all expectations with our high quality services, years of experience, and stunning results.

Shrub trimming enhances and restores the beauty of your hedges and shrubs, and is a necessary part of proper landscape maintenance. Standard pruning and trimming will also help protect your shrubs from storm damage through the elimination of dead wood, decay, and undesirable growth. Shrub trimming on your property will shape and thin the canopy of mature shrubs to provide clearance for new growth, remove diseased or dying growth to strengthen the shrubs, eliminate structural defects that inhibit growth, reduce the potential fire hazards of old shrubs, increase airflow and light to your property, maintain your property values, and control shrub and hedge size. A combination of ornamental shrub and hedge trimming will also enhance your landscape’s natural beauty.

Regularly performed shrub trimming can have a massive impact on the life span of your trees. But, while shrub trimming is a seemingly simple task, when it is not performed correctly it can result in damage. Diminished limbs, insect infestation, and infection are just a few problems that may arise from improper shrub trimming. We carefully inspects shrubs and hedges on commercial and residential properties in the Citrus County, FL area, and can produce a custom pruning plan for your greenery.

The skilled and trained shrub trimming professionals can safely prune shrubs and hedges of any size to structure and shape young plants, and to preserve and protect those that are more mature. Our certified lawn care team has the experience, knowledge and specialized tools to detect problem areas, ensure that your house is secure, and keep your shrubs and landscape nicely maintained.

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